For kindred spirit Abbie - a lover of all things floral - flowers were always going to be a massive part of her wedding day. Thankfully Chris loves anything Abbie does - good man!

Pairing fresh blooms & foliage with dried allowed us to combine her many ideas to achieve a refined organic yet relaxed modern-romantic aesthetic and capture a palette perfectly reflecting the muted tones of a dry Hawke’s Bay summer landscape + coastal location.

Finding it hard to choose between two different styles of bouquets we suggested having two, the floral equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Abbie carried a lush romantic piece for her first look + creative portrait session with a more structural modern design for the ceremony.


Choosing the right florist was essentially the number one item on my wedding checklist and we fell in love with Toni and her style immediately. Giving full creative license and some disjointed reference images what she came up with was beyond what we could have anticipated. Despite us not knowing how to express it the florals and styling articulated this style that was exactly what we were after. Seeing the creative process come to life was one of the biggest highlights of the day - what the Magdalen Hill team did blew us away and is a testament to how amazing they are!