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Known for our statement bouquets, we carefully curate seasonal offerings into beautifully romantic arrangements.

We are passionate about creating florals that capture a moment in time and are as unique as you and your love story.




Magdalen Hill supply florals to suit all wedding styles and have a range of bookings to suit all floral dreams and budgets. When you confirm your booking we will also ask you to select what type of booking you require. Each couples needs and expectations vary. Prices indicative of designs: lovely - lush - lavish


Our elite service for the ultimate Magdalen Hill experience, where we design then travel to your venue and create bespoke ceremony + reception floral installations. This option is perfect for the couple who would like to wake up on their wedding day and know that their floral dream is taken care of, leaving you more time to relax and soak up the excitement during preparations + enjoy your friends and family. This service is limited to a small number each season.

$3,000 - $5,000 - $7,000

  • Premium Bridal flora

  • Bespoke Ceremony + Reception designs tailored to venue

  • Delivery & Installation of Ceremony + Reception Florals

  • 1 hour consultation + unlimited email support

  • Mood board + detailed custom florals plan

  • Coordination with other vendors


We work with you to create decor designs that fulfill your floral dream and which are easily transported and installed. With full instructions provided, you collect all of your florals from our studio and set them up at the venue yourself. This is a great option for couples who want to maximize their budget with amazing florals while saving on labour and installation costs.

$1,200 - $2,000 - $2,500

  • Premium bridal flora

  • Cremony + Reception flora

  • 1 hour consultation + unlimited email support

  • Detailed custom florals plan.


For the couple who want to have fabulous florals for their bridal party. We work with you to design custom florals for your bridal party, including bouquets, buttonholes, hairpieces and any personal florals for your parents and grandparents etc. We may also be able to accommodate other decor items such as cake flowers or one-off arrangements.

Pricing tailored to each couples requirements

  • Premium Bridal florals

  • 1/2 hour consultation

  • Flora plan

  • Unlimited email support


For those who like a surprise and are happy for us to create something special. This is a cost effective option that works well for those couples who are cost conscious. Simply send us the colour way and a brief description of the look & feel of your wedding and we will work our magic to create bouquets for you and your bridal party, without any of the fuss or stressful planning and to the same high quality we are known for, just on a smaller scale.

$425 - $525 - $625

  • Bride + 3 bridesmaids bouquets

  • Groom + 3 Groomsmen bouquets

  • Email support + communication

Additional bouquets and buttonholes may be added. Hair Florals and decor items subject to availability.

Please note: Shape and style of the bouquet is at the discretion of our florists and will be dictated by the seasonal blooms available. For multi-coloured schemes we may not be able to secure all colours but will coordinate with the overall look. You will not get to choose what blooms are used in your bouquets. Bookings are essential. Confirmed Full Floral Styling, Self Installed Floral Styling and Bridal Flora booking cannot be decreased to this option. Florals must be collected from our studio.



pricing guide

With flowers there are many variables and factors we consider with any design created.

This pricing guide gives you an indication of pieces you see in our portfolio.




Statement Bouquet $200 - $250

Wired Bouquet from $220

Handtied Bouquet $140 - $180

Floral Hoop $150 - $200

Tossing Posy $60

Flower Crown $120 - $160

Hairpieces $60 - $85

Hair Flowers $35

Floral Jewellery from $80


Handtied Bouquet $120 - $160

Flower Crown $120-$160

Hairpiece $60 -$80

Hair Flowers from $35

Floral Jewellery from $80


Corsage $50

Boutonniere $35

Wrist Corsage $60

Bag Spray $50




Floral Pocket Square $50 - $75

Buttonhole $25

Bespoke buttonhole $40-$50


Daniel & Kristin Low Res-245.jpg

Daniel & Kristin Low Res-396.jpg

Little ones


Posy $40- $60

Floral Hoop $60-$120

Floral Wand $50-$60

Petals $40-$60

Flower Crown $80-$100

Alice Band / Half Crown $60-$80

Hair Flowers from $20


Buttonhole $15


Bespoke designs on request




Prices indicative of designs: lovely - lush - lavish


Registry Table $60 - $100 - $175

Alter $200 - $300 - $400

Urn + Barrel $150 - $300 - $450

Archway + Backdrop from $250 - $450 - $650

Bespoke Ceremony Feature from $1,000

Signage $60 - $ 120 - $200

Tossing petals $60 - $100 -$200



Bar arrangement $100 - $200 - $300

Seating plan $60 - $120 - $240

Fireplace $200 - $400 - $600

Chandeliers $100 - $200 - $300

Bridal table Centerpiece $80 - $150 - $250

Bridal table Cascading Feature from $500

Bridal table Canopy from $750 (excluding hire of structure)

Bride + Groom Chair garlands $60 - $80 - $100

Guest tables Compote/Low Centerpiece $65 - $100 - $150

Guest Table Stands $200 - $300 - $400 (excluding hire of stands)


Delivery + travel charge are calculated at $1 per kilometer and are charged upon the return trip from our studio address

Installation + floral styling $65 per florist required. Minimum charge two hours

Packdown services start at $85 per required person per hour + travel. Minimum charge 2 hours

Turnaround service $65 per person required per hour + wait time during ceremony



Wired blooms $35 - $60 - $80

Topper $40 - $60 - $80

Tier $25 - $35 - $45

Feature design - includes coordinating with cake designer + dressing the cake from $75




Is Magdalen Hill the right florist for you?

If you adore beautiful blooms, interesting textures, luscious foliage, foraged goodness and want to combine all of this deliciousness to personalise your wedding florals then we are going to be a match made in floral heaven.  We enjoy working with couples who love our asthetic, trust our judgement, experience and ability. Giving us an element of free-range within your vision ensures we can make selections for you with confidence - we find that perfect little something that will set your florals apart. Spend some time exploring our work on our website and social media pages. If what you see excites you get in touch.

I do not live locally, how do we plan my florals?

Approximately 85% of our couples live outside of the Hawke’s Bay region and of these 75% reside abroad. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the world is a much smaller place. Each of our florists have lived in a variety of overseas locations and we are well rehearsed in planning from afar. Email is our preferred form of communication as a record is kept of our discussions ensuring we have access to every little detail.

Please be aware that each week we work with multiple weddings and will be focused on completing their florals, therefore replies to emails may take a few days. The same commitment will be applied in the lead up to your wedding and we appreciate your understanding.

Are bookings necessary?

Absolutely! For any wedding professional you would require the service of this is one thing that I recommend doing as soon as you have confirmed the date of your wedding and decided who you would like to be your supplier. Hawkes Bay hosts a large number of weddings and some dates book out years in advance. As we work with a small number of couples each week bookings are very limited. For us we require a non-refundable deposit which upon receipt secures your date meaning we are committed to you.  We can pencil you in and should another bride enquire for the same date we will contact you with first preference to secure it. You will need to contact us in writing to confirm this and if we haven’t heard from you within one month your penciled booking will no longer be valid.


*Please note an enquiry does not mean the date has automatically been reserved for you.

Are inspiration images helpful?

Yes, inspiration images are a great way to communicate what you like about a certain style of bouquet/arrangemnt, colour scheme etc. They help us to get a feel for your wedding and the vision you want to create on the day. We can then take elements from them to design your florals. Many brides find it useful to link us to their Pinterest boards or email us images.

*Please note: We will not copy another florist’s work.  Pinterest and similar websites are fabulous tools but please be aware not all blooms or props are available in New Zealand, while some ideas have been created for photo shoot purposes and are not suitable to withstand the demands of an actual wedding day.

Is a consultation necessary?

If you feel comfortable that we are the right fit for you and you are happy to continue to proceed via email, then no, you do not need to have a consultation. Often the first time we meet a bride is on her wedding day when we deliver the bridal bouquets, other brides who have completed all of their planning via email organise a quick catch up at the beginning of the week prior to their big day so we can touch base. The choice is yours.

How do I book a consultation and what do I bring with me?

Consultations are by appointment only. Magdalen Hill offers one complimentary consultation with our elite and premium services. This is best done after completion of your Florals Questionnaire. By completing the questionnaire, we are able save time when we meet enabling us to get down to the nitty gritty and discuss the finer details of your florals.

 Consultations are booked for a time that is convenient for both of us. Bring along anything that helps us get a feel for your day along with any confirmed details that have not been covered or have changed since filling in your Florals Questionnaire.

During the peak of the wedding season there will be limited availability for consultations as most are reserved for the brides whose weddings we are currently working on. We are however always available via email to answer any of your questions.

Flower prices seem higher for a wedding than other celebrations. Why is this?

Just like finding your perfect gown you expect good quality and exceptional service and we offer a tailored approach to creating wedding florals that use only the very best.

Time is taken to work through the design process with you, blooms are colour matched, selected to best fit your theme and coordinate with all other elements of your wedding. From here flowers are sourced and orders are placed with growers. In the days leading up to your big day the flowers are processed and treated and this is all before we start working on your florals. Great care is taken during this time and results in limited availability of top grade blooms. Bridal bouquets are generally tightly constructed, take more time to produce and use a greater number of blooms to ensure they are beautiful from all angles, which is just one of the aspects we take into consideration when designing for you.

To help put this in perspective for you generally we will spend around 10 minutes with client who requires a $150 arrangement for a birthday gift from start to end. On average email communications alone with a bride are in excess of 100 exchanges plus face to face meetings. Bridal bouquets can take on average one – two hours to construct depending on the complexity of the design.

A wedding florist is a skilled craftsperson who is creating a bespoke floral accessory, unique to you and your wedding.


Do I need to set a budget?

Yes. We understand that for many brides the cost of flowers is something you have never had to contemplate the cost of.  Each couples needs and expectations are quite different from the next. We have worked with modest budgets to figures that some couples spend on their whole wedding and as the sky is the limit when adding floral touches to your day setting a budget is the first thing you should consider.

If you haven’t already allocated how much you would like to spend on your florals use the pricing guide to work out roughly how much you will need and add a bit more as a buffer. The bridal flowers will be fairly straight forward but if you are styling your ceremony space or reception think about the total amount you would like to allocate and list where you would like to have flowers. By providing us with this information we are able to design a plan that will fit within your budget and achieve the look you desire. This saves us working on and sending a quote that doesn’t match up to your expectations. We have your best interests at heart and want to achieve the best look for the best price possible too.

For peak times such as around Christmas/New Year, Mother’s Day, the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and that following it is best to err on the higher side due to market fluctuations. 


Is there a minimum I must spend?

Our bookings to allow flexibility to suit all budgets. If you are booking our elite Full Floral Styling service we require a minimum spend of $3,000. This ensures we have adequate funds to create the luscious florals that Magdalen Hill is known for and often covers premium bridal florals, ceremony and reception installations. Our Bouquet Surprise option is great for those who are cost conscious and love our florals.

We accommodate smaller orders such as elopements and those who require bridal flowers only depending on availability.

Will my wedding be the only one you are working on?

Not necessarily. We work on weddings that vary hugely in size. This sometimes means that we will work on two or three over a weekend as one or two brides may only require their bridal flowers and another may have ceremony and reception florals as well. At the time of booking we will ask you for key information that will help us assess if we can fulfill your floral wish list along with our previous bookings. We do not take wedding bookings that we cannot put our heart and soul into.

Do I have to get flowers for all of the places mentioned in the pricing guide?

No. You are getting married in one of the most exciting times of wedding history. There are no rules and we encourage you to celebrate your day in a way that suits you.  If you want an explosion of flowers as far as your eye can see or prefer to have a few key pieces that are understatedly sophisticated, that is your choice. This guide has been created to give an insight on what options are available.


Are there cheaper options?

Yes of course, the prices indicated ensure you get the best of the best and are a guide to the examples you see in our portfolio. If you have budget constraints my advice is never to skimp on your own bouquet. It is your day and your bouquet will be captured in many of your photographs. You should have the florals you have dreamed of.

Being honest and open about what you have allowed for your florals and what you require will help us to advise you where your budget is best focused for maximum impact. Check out our Bouquet Surprise option.


Can I supply my own flowers and have you arrange them?

Generally, no, unless you or your family is a commercial grower and has a reliable and plentiful supply, however e love foraged goodies and blooms of sentiment; they bring a piece to life so we are happy to include them but not rely on them. It is my responsibility that you receive a professional service and product. 

What is the difference between a handtied bouquet and a wired or holder bouquet?

A handtied bouquet is where the flowers remain on their natural stems. The bouquet tends to be roundish or deconstructed with a ‘just picked’ appearance. When holding the bouquet, the flower stems will be in your hand.

 A wired/holder bouquet consists of blooms where the stems have been removed and an artificial stem is created using wire. This method gives a florist greater control of the flower head. The shape of the bouquet tends to be trailing or tear drop and you hold a handle that is slimmer than that of a handtied bouquet. Flowers will either have a water source or have been treated to retain moisture. 


Why are the prices between the two styles of bouquets so different?

Wired or holder bouquets are very time consuming. They require specialist skill and use a lot of unseen materials.


Can flowers from the ceremony be used at the reception?

Absolutely! I am all for getting the most out of your flowers. Let us know your intentions as the construction methods may need to be adapted to suit both applications. You can either arrange for friends or family to make the transition or add a ‘turn around’ fee to your bill and we can take care of it for you.


What is a Bespoke buttonhole?

A Botanical buttonhole is what you will be most familiar with and is made using flowers and foliage. It can be worn by any male in the bridal party. A Bespoke buttonhole is a designed piece often consisting of materials that do not perish for example fishing flies and lures, bullet shells, pennies and charms etc.  They work well with themes as your own personal style can be expressed with a variety of materials and are a great option for guys who don’t want to wear flowers.

Where do we pin a buttonhole or corsage on?

Buttonholes are fixed to the left lapel of the men’s jacket with their stems pointing down. When pining them on aim for the point below the flowers/at the top of the stem. The pin should go through the lapel fabric, then through the stem of the buttonhole, and then through the lapel fabric again. The buttonhole should be firmly attached, and the pin should not be visible. If the men are not wearing a jacket imagine where the lapel would be and pin it there. Make sure all men in the bridal party have it in the same place and it is straight. A buttonhole that is badly placed looks worse than not having one at all.

Corsages are placed on the right side between the collarbone and shoulder with the stem pointing up. If the fabric is fine, I suggest pining through the bra strap for stability. It is better to pin it higher rather than lower to avoid the corsage looking like a nipple tassel.

We don’t expect you to remember all of this information. On your wedding day a card will be delivered with your flower to remind you.


Which option is best for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom?

A corsage, most commonly associated with wedding, is a beautifully designed piece made up of lots of delicate blooms and foliage’s. It pins onto the clothing. A bag spray is the same but is attached to a clutch purse. A boutonniere is a simpler option. It is feminine version of a buttonhole.  I find the boutonnière is becoming increasingly popular. A wristlet is worn like a bracelet.

Is it necessary to get buttonholes and corsages for our parents and grandparents?

This is a personal choice. Buttonholes and corsages are a great way for guests to identify important family members who they do not know and can make the recipients feel important and a part of your day. Talk with your family members to see if they would like to wear them. We can assure you relatively small cost does not compare to the feel-good factor.


I don’t know the names of flowers or the seasons they are available. How do I choose?

Don’t let this bother you. Our style of florasity is more about creating an atmosphere or overall look using what is seasonally available. Spend some time collecting inspiration images, giving us a general idea of what shape, colour and style is all we need to know to get started as we will work through the design process with you and can suggest another bloom that gives a similar look or in the season you are getting married. And if you simply must have Peonies, November is the month you will need to plan your wedding. 


What happens on the day?

For those booking our Full Floral Styling service we aim to deliver your bridal flowers no later than one hour before your photographer is due to start their coverage.

All bouquets, hair flowers, buttonholes and corsages will be delivered at this time. You will need to organise for someone to collect the boy’s buttonholes or you can opt to have them delivered for a fee and depending on our schedule to meet your other requirements. They will be labelled so you know which one is for which person.

Your bouquets will be water wrapped in a delivery box. We will run through with you how to hold your bouquets and any special care instructions. Before leaving for the ceremony remove all water bags over a basin and pat stems dry with a cloth to avoid watermarks on the dresses. A card explaining all of this will accompany your bouquets.

We will then move on to the ceremony and reception locations to complete any installations.

For the other bookings we will have everything packaged and ready for collection at the agreed time, normally before 10am or the evening before. Bouquets and buttonholes will be packaged as above. Any instructions required for installation of ceremony or reception, which are super easy, will be given at this time.

We want Magdalen Hill to be our florist. What do we do next?

Yay! Hit that book button!

It is important that we form a connection with the couples we work with and ask that you complete the relevant sections of our Florals Questionnaire, in particular the first two pages. Email that back to us as this is the beginning our file for your wedding.

We will double check our availibility for the booking you require and send you an invoice for your deposit.

Once we have received your deposit you booking is confirmed and the date secured.