Urban Napier + Rural Orchard

Heather Lidell Photographer


Drawing outside of the lines Kristin and Dan are those people who just do it and they do it their way so well. With marriage being a symbolic way to celebrate how far they had come and to solidify their bond as a couple they never wanted anything too formal or rigid. With good food + the people that they hold dear their New Year’s Eve festivities kicked off married life with a bang.

Daniel & Kristin Low Res-147.jpg

In a really serendipitous way everything came together. Being a MH floral ninja, Kristin’s florals had to have a point of difference. Intending to do her own florals but daunted at the prospect of spending her wedding day installing them we hatched a plan after being inspired by our studio full of dried material. Foraging and drying more blooms, which all came out in their own rich, almost jewel toned colour palate, they contrasted sublimely in both texture and tone with the girls sequin slips and the lads tartan suits. Most importantly they allowed us to create in the decor pieces in advance.

I told Toni to surprise me and she worked her magic beautifully on our bouquets. She has a real skill for capturing the essence of a bride in her bouquet, and I was no exception. I loved everything about my bouquet right down to the details, like the handmade tassels that tied it. I never knew dried flowers could look so good!