Sharni and Michael’s love story started with a passion for flowers and became a symbolic part of their wedding day.

Abundant oversized feature florals - the only decor for the wedding - had to be something special and more. The former horse arena of Old Mill provided the perfectly imperfect backdrop to create the large scale modern-Victoriana inspired Secret Garden style arrangements.


The lead up to a wedding is just as important to the big day itself. Those moments become part of the whole memory and spending the day prior to the wedding with Sharni, a florist + MH super star, along with a group of our favourite florist friends creating, sharing and laughing resulted in a collaboration we all treasure.


I knew I wanted that moment I see each week when we present a bride with her bouquet. That moment - when you spy your flowers for the first time and it is more beautiful than you could ever imagine - when it all becomes real.

I collected blooms of sentiment from my Pop’s garden, a few my parents had grown and from the garden’s of people who are special to us and left Toni to do what she does best, to create a masterpiece. I love the sweet disorder of how a garden grows and knew she would just know what I wanted. That moment - we both cried - my senses were in awe. All of the different blooms, their textures, the scents - it was a sensory overload of delight!