You can rest assured knowing that Magdalen Hill (“we”), will put our all into your (“you” the client) flowers and floral styling for your wedding or event. It will be treated like one of our own as we advocate for the very best for you and your wedding day.

Magdalen Hill reserves the right to change these Terms + Conditions without notice. Terms + Conditions published on this website will always be the latest version and will override any prior Terms and Conditions provided in any other form.

Bookings and Deposits

Once you have decided to proceed a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total of the proposed event budget or $350, which ever amount is highest, is required in order to confirm your booking and secure the agreed date.

 Note: no booking is deemed confirmed or date secured until the deposit has been received.  Receipt of the deposit confirms YOU, the client, agrees to all terms and conditions as outlined in this agreement.



May be made in the form of a cheque, cash or directly deposited into our nominated account. Details of the account are attached to the bottom portion of your invoice or by request.

Payments made by international transfer will be considered at the amount received in $NZ to the nominated account. Any fees incurred are at the cost to the client.

All payments need to be received no later than one month before the event/wedding. No items will be dispatched before payment is received.


Cancellations and Postponements

-Cancellation of the wedding/function date:

In the event of cancellation at any point in time, the deposit will not be refunded. Complete cancellation of the wedding or event must be advised in writing.

We are happy to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability, with a minimum of two months’ notice. Any postponement must fall within 6 months from original event/wedding date booked and may be rescheduled once.

Cancellations or rescheduling within four weeks prior to the wedding or event remain payable in full.


-Cancelling part of you order:

Cancellations of part of your order 3 months or less prior to the date of the function may incur a 50% cancellation fee of the total value of the order or of the portion that has been cancelled. This amount is due to be paid four weeks prior to the date of the wedding, or at the time of cancellation.

-Postponing the wedding/function date:

Should you need to change the date or postpone the date of the wedding or event; you will need to inform Magdalen Hill in writing. Should the “new” date be available, we will confirm it with you in writing. Should the date not be available, you will forfeit your deposit


-Should we need to cancel your order:

In the extreme and unlikely circumstance that we may need to cancel your booking, or are unable to fulfill your order due to illness, injury, accident or any other circumstance, and we are unable to find another suitable supplier, we will inform you in writing, and refund to you any amounts you have paid to us.

  • If you cancel your wedding flowers no less than 4 weeks before the delivery date then we will keep your non-refundable deposit to cover consultation and administrative costs.

  • Cancellations within 4 weeks of the delivery date, when the full minimum payment will have been made, will be subject to only 50% being refunded minus the non-refundable deposit

  • If through illness or for reasons beyond our control none of our florists are able to finish your wedding flowers we will employ a free-lancer or pass your order to an available florist who will work to our quoted prices.

  • If in the very very unlikely case we are unable to find an alternative florist you will be refunded in full and be given all support available to provide your wedding flowers.

  • If after your final payment has been received you choose to reduce the total cost of the flower order you will only be refunded 50% of the cancelled items. As we will be unlikely to take a booking of value so close to an event date and may have turned work away due to the original intended workload.

Any costs incurred by a supplier outside of Magdalen Hill remain your responsibility.



All orders must be confirmed 4 weeks prior to the date of the wedding/event. We do not take any responsibility for any errors or omissions once the order has been confirmed.


Samples of fresh flowers and Mock Ups

Where possible we are happy to provide samples of flower types and colours at a cost which will be estimated at the time of the request. This cost along with the consultation fee is due to be paid at the time of consultation.

While rarely requested, we can create a mock up of any design, subject to availability and only after you have booked our services. Mock ups will ideally be done at a time when the flowers used for your date are in season, if this is not the case, the best possible substitutes will be used. Mock ups are done on our premises at the agreed time and cost and will be made to the same standard as the piece created for the event date itself. As such they will be charged at the full quoted price and MUST be paid for in advance.

Availability & Substitution Policy

As fresh flowers are a living product we cannot control and take no responsibility for seasonal changes, influences beyond our control or availability. While miracles are often preformed we are not God. We work with nature.

Whilst every effort is made to source the product sometimes we are unable to use a certain flower, in which case we reserve the right to use a similar flower in place of one previously chosen. If we need to make changes or substitutions and it is possible we will advise you along with suggestions of the most effective and most suitable solution, ensuring it is of good quality and equal value. We hope that you trust our judgement to make any necessary substitutions and know that we advocate your best interests in doing so.

Please note some floral material is imported from overseas countries and therefore supply can be unpredictable. All fresh flowers are subject to availability and stringent quality checks.



Minor changes can be made to your order up to 2 weeks prior to the date of the function, and should be emailed to us as soon as possible.

 If you wish to make any alterations to the floral requirements we have discussed, these will only be accepted IN WRITING, via email. Please understand that we are working on a number of weddings and events each month and written requests ensure no mistakes or misunderstanding are made when it comes to your final list of flower requirements.

Only the Bride and Groom may make any amendments to the flower order. If you have a family wishing to choose their corsage colours for example this will have to be communicated to us through either the bride and groom in writing via email.

  • We suggest the final details of the wedding flowers should be made approximately 6 weeks prior to the wedding date, before the balance is settled.

  • Only minor changes such as buttonhole numbers can be made within 3 weeks and 6 days prior to the wedding date.



Deliveries are deliveries only, and do not allow time for on-site setting up. If you require on site set up (installation) it is your responsibility to communicate this at the time of booking.

We will deliver to all destinations agreed upon and quoted for. Delivery times are confirmed the week of the wedding; you will be advised on the times. You should allow 30 mins either side of the scheduled time for delays that may occur which are out of our control. The delivery details including addresses must be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the wedding/function date. It is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct delivery addresses. 

In the event that there is no person available to receive the goods, the goods will be left in a safe place and we will contact you to advise you where the goods have been left. If there is no safe place to leave the goods, they will be returned to our premises and you will need to arrange pick up of the goods. We will decide whether or not it is safe.

Should your goods need to be re-delivered, you will be required to pay another delivery fee.


Delivery and installation at the venue:

Magdalen Hill will deliver, set up/install the florals as quoted to the required destination/s. Delivery times will need to be confirmed with the venue the week of the wedding/function. We will require access & appropriate working conditions in order to fulfill our order with you. You will need to inform the venue of what you have employed us to do and also the time we require to set up on the day. Should we be denied access, be delayed by the venue or any other supplier on the day, be presented with unsafe or hazardous working conditions, we will complete everything to the best of our ability, however, in extreme circumstances, if we cannot complete the job, due to no fault of our own, we will leave the products at the venue, if the venue or delayed supplier, is willing to complete the setup, or we will return the products to our premises and advise you to arrange for the goods to be picked up. Should other last minute decisions be made due to any unpredicted circumstance, we will advise the venue manager & you.

Should your goods be lost or damaged after delivery, we cannot accept liability for this.

It is your responsibility to check if there are any health and safety regulations that will need to be adhered to at your chosen venue. For example, “Working with Heights” for hanging installations. If safety equipment/machinery is required such as scaffolding or cherry pickers this will be at your cost.

• Removal of all flowers from the venue is your responsibility unless previously arranged and included in your quote.

We do not use couriers to deliver wedding flowers. Should you wish to employ such service, you do so at your own risk and we take no responsibility.

All care will be taken in packaging products for transportation. Once any item has left the care of Magdalen Hill no responsibility will be taken.



We are based in Napier but love to explore and see new places. Travel charges are based on $1 per kilometer and calculated on the return trip or cost of flights and/or vehicle hire.  If accommodation and meals are required this may be your responsibility.


Site Visits and Consultations

With elite booking services you are entitled to a 1 hour free consultation with Toni McGregor, Magdalen Hill or one of her qualified staff/stylists. This is best scheduled after the completion of your Floral Questionnaire at which time they will discuss with you in detail all the floral requirements for your wedding/function. This is an in depth consultation where all the items required for your wedding are discussed including but not limited to colour scheme, flower types, availability, colour themes, styles, delivery, booking and payment, they will also provide you with their professional advice and opinions during this time. You are more than welcome email at any time with any changes or queries you may have. Any subsequent appointments may be charged at a rate of $85.00 per hour or part thereof.

Any consultations with third parties (i.e. venue, prop hire etc) will incur a charge for face to face meetings or site visits at a cost of $65 per hour.  No charge will be made for phone or email consultations made on your behalf.

Hired Items and those supplied by the Client

We love to work with other talented people. Any service providers and their products are recommended in good faith but are not the responsibility of Magdalen Hill. While we are happy to assist in ordering items from external suppliers it is your responsibility to confirm/secure all items and any payments directly with them. 

All items supplied by you, the Client, must be in ready condition to use. This includes all linens to be pressed, stickers and wrappers removed and glassware or vases cleaned. All items supplied by the client will be used as they have been received or cleaning and preparation charges will apply.


Image Release and Photography

You agree to images of or part of your event being used for promotional purposes, including advertising, display on website, trade shows, blogs or social media. You agree to either supply Magdalen Hill with digital files following your wedding or event or give us permission to seek these from your photographer.

We reserve the right to take photographs of any flowers, styling and the setting prior to the wedding which may be used for promotional purposes and will be excluded from any exemptions.

Clients waive any right to payment, royalties or any other consideration for the use of images or stories.

•Should the client not agree to the image release this must be advised in writing at the time of booking. Magdalen Hill reserves the right not to accept your booking if the image release is declined.



We accept no liability for injury, loss or damage to the hirer or any third party of any equipment hired for use at the event. We are not responsible for injuries or damages sustained as a result of broken glass or materials.

Liability is limited to replacement of supplied goods and no responsibility will be accepted for any consequential loss.

It is your responsibility to ensure any structures or hanging installations meet adequate safety standards.

You agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible or accountable for any personal injury or negligence resulting from use of goods supplied to you, or on behalf of you.


Limitation of Liability

Clients agree to the fullest extent permitted by law that the Magdalen Hill shall not be liable for any claims for emotional distress, mental anguish, consequential damages, lost profit, loss of employment, lost revenues, replacement costs, compensatory damages and/or punitive damages whether or not foreseeable and/or arriving from any negligent act or omission on the part of any person. Our liability for any claim, breach or damage by reason of any act or omission shall be limited to repayment of sums paid by Clients only.



All your personal details are treated as confidential information and will not be disclosed under any circumstances to other parties, without your written authority. This excludes immediate contact details required by other confirmed suppliers in the event they should need to urgently contact you.



Magdalen Hill reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice. Terms and Conditions published on this website will always be the latest version and will override any prior Terms and Conditions provided in any other form.